Our workplace mediation experts resolve disputes between colleagues at work to ensure the smooth running of your organisation and the well-being of your people.

By expertly re-framing the issues our workplace mediation experts help you move from a position of opposition and dispute to one of agreement and collaboration, improving employee relations and increasing productivity.

Mediation is an extremely practical and constructive approach to resolving disputes, particularly between parties within an organisation. In particular, mediation is designed to re-build relationships whereas litigation typically puts them under further strain; and mediation offers complete confidentiality for both sides whilst court action does not.

Some illustrative examples of workplace disputes that can be resolved through mediation are:

  • Grievances regarding working conditions
  • Disagreements about contractual terms or remuneration
  • Disputes about the termination or alteration of contracts of employment
  • Issues with relationships between managers and team members

We have provided a more detailed explanation of how mediation works and why it is such a beneficial option here.

You can also read our article on how mediation skills can help increase your organisations' effectiveness and make it a more rewarding place to work in our blog "Unleashing the Power of a Shared Mission" here.

Whatever you dispute, we tailor our approach to help you find the resolution that works for all parties and maintains those all-important work relationships.


Mediation Costs

We tailor all our services and costs to the specific nature of you dispute.  Indicative rates are £200 per hour but we can offer discounts for large projects or repeat work and will confirm costs with you in advance.