We tailor our services to your needs and circumstances to solve your commercial, civil or workplace disputes.



Commercial mediation

Our commercial practice helps you resolve disputes quickly and effectively so you can concentrate on running your business.  Whether your dispute is with partners, suppliers, customers or regulators we can help you find a solution that works for you. 

Mediation is effective at resolving most types of commercial disagreements including contract disputes, copyright and trademark issues and torts. By working through to a solution in mediation, we can help you find a win-win solution that lets you maintain important commercial relationships to build your business rather than disrupt it.

All mediation proceedings are confidential and without prejudice, so all your sensitive and proprietary property is fully protected.  It also allows you to fully explore solutions in private with your mediator before you decide if you're prepared to discuss it with the other party, opening up new paths to settlement without risk.  Agreements are not limited to purely monetary settlements, giving greater scope for agreements that work and are sustainable.

Common commercial disputes where mediation is suitable include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partner disputes
  • Intellectual property rights



Civil mediation

Our civil mediation experts work with you to resolve disputes between consumers and organisations providing goods or services.  The key difference between our civil and commercial mediation is that civil cases involves one or more individual, whereas commercial cases have organisations on both sides.  Typical examples include claims against faulty goods or services, personal injury cases, insurance disputes, defamation and disagreements between landlords and tenants.

A key advantage of this approach is that it avoids the stress and uncertainty of court as well as considerable time and money.  We have learnt the transparent, collaborative but structured support of mediation takes much of the fear out of the more formal and adversarial atmosphere of court: where parties either win or lose.

In mediation no settlement can be forced upon you so you can rest assured that, in the rare case you cannot reach agreement, you will never be forced into accepting a settlement you're not satisfied with.

Common civil disputes suitable for mediation include:

    • Breach of contract
    • Inheritance and probate issues
    • Tenant vs landlord disputes
    • Leaseholder v freeholder disputes
    • Personal injury claims
    • Insurance claims
    • Boundary disputes